Project 365 Day 2-Leaky Faucet

Alright, I'm 2 days into this Project 365 thing and here's today's photograph: Day 2 Leaky Faucet

Now, you may be wondering why I'd take a picture of a leaky faucet? Well, I think I will try to document my life in pictures (at least partly) during thie Project 365. And today, my life required me to fix this leaky faucet in our bathroom. I took it as an opportunity to try to capture the leak in all it's glory :-)

I set up my T3i on the tripod and played around with the ISO, and shutter speed to get something that would work. I wanted to try and stop the leak using a fast shutter speed. I finally settled on ISO 6400 and a shutter speed of 1/320. I also set the camera to continuous shooting to improve my odds of success. The T3i isn't too fast in RAW but will do 3-4 frames a second in JPEG, so that's what I used. After about 5 minutes and 50 exposures I got a few that seemed OK. I set the camera aside and got to work fixing the leak.

Now, for those that know me, they know that I am not the most mechanically inclined person in the world. That doesn't stop me from trying to fix things though. Every project I take on ends up being at least twice as difficult as I imagine and I usually injure myself in one way or another. Fixing this faucet was no exception.

It should have been a simple matter of unscrewing the top of the faucet and replacing the couple of gaskets and springs. I had my handy dandy ACE Hardware faucet repair kit already to go but I couldn't get the top of the faucet off. Apparently it has seized in place after who knows how many years. Finally, after an application of "Liquid Wrench" and a bruised knuckle, I got the faucet apart, repaired and reassembled. I put some ice on my swollen knuckle and proudly proclaimed to Pam "your man has fixed the faucet!" to which she replied "that's nice dear". Jeez can't a guy get any respect? :-)