Project 365 Day 8-Holly Berries

Sorry guys, the title of the post isn't Halle Berry, but rather Holly Berries, although I wouldn't complain at all if I was asked to photograph her for my project 365. :-) OK, back to reality...

I woke up a little late this morning and saw that it was foggy outside so I grabbed my camera and wandered out into the yard to see if I could find anything interesting to shoot for day 8 of my project 65:

Dew drips off some Holly Berries

I took a few images of the trees shrouded in mist that came out OK but then I took a look at the Holly bushes at the end of our drive and noticed that they were covered in the dew/fog. That's all I needed to switch my attention. I decided to use my Canon EF-S 55-250 mm lens to try and get a decent close-up/macro shot of them.

I took about 20 shots of a couple different clusters of berries, varying the aperture to see how it affected the depth of field. At 250mm the lens has a close focus distance of 3.8 feet. It's not a true macro lens but it did a fairly good job and as a cheap/affordable macro lens I'm happy with the results overall.

This shot was the best of the bunch, partly because I got the focus pretty good but mostly because I managed to capture some of the dew dripping off one of the berries. I haven't done much close-up photography so any shots I take will be a learning experience.