Project 365 Days 108 to 110

Doing a little catching up here with the last few days worth of project 365 photos. This batch includes a cat, a lawnmower and a camera lens:

Day 108-Oscar The Cat

Here is a quick photo of the other of our two cats, Oscar. I can't believe I made it to day 108 before posting a photo of him. Oscar is a youthful 13 years old. He is very active and still loves to jump up on us and step on various body parts that make us recoil in pain (use your imaginations) :-)

Day 109-The Craftsman 5.0

Here is one of the "workhorse" objects in our house. Yes, the humble lawnmower. We've had this Craftsman 5 horsepower lawnmower since 1997 and it has performed admirably. In over 15 years I haven't had a single problem with the engine. I change the oil once every few years and as you can see from the photo, I don't wash it very much.

It's coming into prime mowing season so I'm hoping it's up to the task again this year just as in the past.

Day 110-Rent-a-Lens

I'm going to be doing some wide-angle shooting this weekend but I don't own a wide-angle lens. The answer?-rent one!

I picked up the Canon EFS 10-22mm today from They are a local company here in the Atlanta area. I rented this same lens from them last Fall and was very happy with the service. I'll probably end up buying this lens pretty soon but I wanted to give it one more "test run" before purchasing it.

Aperturent has a wide variety of camera equipment in stock and they do ship. If you're looking to rent some equipment, check them out.