Review: Lowepro Rezo 170 AW and Tamrac 5547 Camera Bags

This is the followup in-depth camera bag review post to the ""Great Camera Bag Search" post that I did a couple of days ago.  I'll review the two camera bags that I ended up purchasing as a result of all the research I did, the Lowpro Rezo 170 AW and the Tamrac 5547 Adventure 7 Backpack. I've even recorded a video review of the bags (at the bottom of the post) to help you see how they might work for you and your cameras. Ok, on to the reviews!

Tamrac 5547 Adventure 7 Photo Backpack

The Tamrac 5547 Adventure 7 Photo Backpack is a medium sized backpack designed to hold a full-sized digital SLR with attached lens plus several additional lenses, flash and accessories. The camera equipment is held in the bottom half of the backpack, while the upper half is designed to carry additional items needed for a day trip like jacket, lunch water, etc. The backpack has a subdued appearance that doesn't scream "Hey look at me, I'm full of expensive camera equipment!".

The backpack has padded shoulder straps, a waist belt and sternum strap so it will be well supported while hiking.

Here are the dimensions (in inches) :

Top compartment internal: 10wx5dx9h

Bottom Compartment internal: 10wx6dx6h

External: 13wx9dx17h

Here is the product page for the backpack.

This bag should fit under almost all airline seats, which is a good thing. As you'll see in the video (below) I'm able to fit quite a bit in the backpack. The camera compartment easily holds my Canon T3i, the two kit lenses and accessories. I have room for at least 1 more lens if I want. The top holds at least a full-sized parka and 1litre water bottle. There are mesh side pockets that I can stuff extra things into as well. The bottom of the backpack has slots where you can run straps (not included) through to attach things like tripods, etc. I plan on carrying my small travel tripod with me while hiking so the straps will get lots of use.

The camera compartment is very well padded and provides plenty of protection for the camera. The velcro-edged dividers can be rearranged to suit your own equipment. The backpack is well put together and looks like it will last a long time. I bought mine used off of eBay and it shows pretty much zero signs of wear.

I've loaded this backpack up and tramped around the yard with it on and it feels pretty comfortable. I should have zero problems doing day-hikes with it, which is my main reason for getting it. I'll put the bag to the test in October when we head out West to do some hiking/photography.

I can highly recommend the Tamrac 5547 Adventure 7 Photo Backpack. It is a well designed and thought out camera carrying device that gives you the ability to head off into the woods for a day of photography. It's compact enough to be very travel friendly, yet has enough room for a mid sized digital SLR with a few lenses plus accessories. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post for some additional insight into this photo backpack.

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Lowepro Rezo 170 AW

The Lowepro Rezo 170 AW is a medium sized shoulder bag camera carrier with room for a digital SLR, a couple of extra lenses and accessories. I purchased this bag to use around town while doing short photo walks, etc. The biggest feature of this bag for me was it's compact size.

The Rezo 170 AW is very easy to carry and has some nice features. The one I like the best is the "flip top" cover that opens away from you while wearing it, making it very easy to see what's in the bag without fumbling around. There is also a nice memory card pouch on the top cover. The bag comes with a weather resistant cover that can be used if things get wet.

As far as room goes, the Rezo 170 AW is perfect for my , the 2 kit lenses and my accessories. There is room for 1 additional medium sized lens if needed, although it might be a little tight. The bag is 9.6W X 6.1D X 9.3H (in inches) so it's not huge at all.  It is fairly inconspicuous and definitely doesn't stand out in a crowd, which is good in my mind for a camera bag.

I've used it for several photo walks and have been very happy with it's utility. If you are looking for a compact, inexpensive (especially when purchased used) over the shoulder camera bag, the Lowepro Rezo 170 is worth serious consideration.

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Video Review

Here is my video review of the Tamrac 5547 and Lowepro Rezo 170 camera bags: