Seascape Photograph: Washington State Coastline, September 2001

As I am going through old images on my computer I find some decent ones every once in a while. I'll post them as I have time to. Here is a seascape photograph  from our trip to Seattle, and the Washington state coast back in September, 2001.

I took this photograph later in the day (as you can see by the sunlight coming in from the lower left). The sky was clear and fairly blue. Most of our time along the coast was cloudy, so this was nice to get some blue sky that one afternoon.

This image was pretty good right out of the Olympus c-3000z camera but I felt it could be better. I posted the original on my  "photo critique" circle on Google+ last week and got some good feedback. Based on that, I cropped out some of the sky, brightened it up a bit and adjusted the shadow definition. What you see above is the end result. I wish I had a few more pixels to spare on this image but it should still look pretty good up to about a 10x15 inch print.


Washington Coastline Olympia National Park