Simple Fall Leaves

Fall is here. The leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees. Fall leaves are a very interesting subject to photograph. I went out in the yard Sunday morning after a short rain shower and found some recently fallen leaves that caught my eye: Simple Fall

Inspiration And Information

I've been pressed for photography time recently so I've gotten back in the habit of carrying a camera with me (my Canon Powershot S95 or s100 are both great options) at all times. This helps to make sure that at least I can capture an image or two as I go about my day. It's not optimal but better than nothing. This weekend has been no exception to that recent trend. I was ready to go out for the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday but it was rained out :-( The rain came and went several times over the day and yesterday (Sunday) started out the same. I was drinking a cup of coffee when the rain stopped so I grabbed the S95 and went out into the back yard to see if I could find something to photograph.

I was hoping to make an image that would represent "Fall" As I wandered into the back yard I noticed a group of leaves that had a nice mix of colors and textures. They were still wet from the rain. I composed the shot in the S95 and pressed the shutter button. When I got the image into Lightroom I cropped a little from the left and top of the image (maybe 5%) and then I increased the clarity a bit and adjusted the red & orange sliders to bring out the color in the leaf on the right of the image.

I guess the "moral" of this post is that there is almost always a photograph to be made, no matter where you are. I made a very nice image in my own backyard with a 4-year old decent quality point and shoot camera, not my DSLR. So, if life or the weather get in the way of your photography, do what you can to make images wherever you are. You will probably be happy with the results!