Sweetwater Creek August 2011

This picture was taken on a trip to Sweetwater Creek State Park, near Atlanta Georgia in August of this year.We were there with the Decatur Digital Photography Meetup. Meetup groups are a great way to meet other photographers and share information. Remind me and I'll do a post about that at some time. The creek was flowing fairly well and I found a good spot to get out on the rocks to take this photograph looking up the creek. The little mini waterfall in the lower left of the image is what initially caught my eye.

Sweetwater Creek

The sun was fairly high in the sky so the light was a little harsh. I spent some time trying to get an image that slowed the water down enough to give it  a "flowing" effect. I fiddled with the aperture and shutter speed until I got something that seemed to work OK. This was the best of almost 10 images that I took (hold your mouse over the image to see the basic EXIF information). You'll see that I had to use f/36 (a really, really small opening) in order to get a slow enough shutter speed to get the effect I was looking for.

Have any of you had success or challenges taking photographs of flowing water? I'd be interested in hearing about (and seeing) some of your efforts.