Project 365 Day Update-Marching Cadets, Bootlegged Beer And Bike Tires

We were out of town for a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina and got some good photographs. Here's the last few days worth of images from my project 365.

Day 111-Marching Cadets


This was taken on Friday at The Citadel. We got there in time to see all of the cadets march around the parade field as they do every Friday. It was quite a show. I took a lot of photos that I'm just starting to go through but this one was the first from that day that caught my eye. I managed to get the cadets in mid-step and amazingly for me :-) the photo is pretty darn sharp.


Day 112-Charleston Window Box


This was taken along the famous "rainbow row" in Charleston, SC. We spent most of the day on Saturday shooting whatever caught our eye. Rainbow row is a block-long section of brightly colored row houses along E Bay Street. Most of the houses had window boxes filled with all kinds of blooming flowers. This was one of the better photos I took of these.


Day 113-Drayton Hall

Here is an image I took on Sunday while we were visiting a historic plantation near Charleston called Drayton Hall: The house was built in 1738 and was one of the largest homes in the entire country at the time, at nearly 11,000 square feet.

I found a spot where I could frame the house with the large tree at the front of the lawn and used my Canon 15-85mm lens.


Day 114-Bootlegged Beer

Before we left Charleston yesterday I stopped by the Charleston Beer Exchange and picked up some beers that I can't get here in Atlanta: I got a couple of beers from Charleston brewer Westbrook as well as some tasty IPA from California brewer Green Flash, their West Coast IPA.


Day 115-That's How I Roll


It was time to change the rear tire on my Cannondale road bike. Like I have for the past 6 years, I used the awesome Michelin Krylion Carbon tire. It is extremely durable (I get about 3000 miles out of one) as well as very puncture and cut resistant. There are some tires that are slightly lighter but they give up a lot in the durability department.

If you're a road cyclist, the Michelin Krylion Carbon tire deserves your attention!