Day 10-Blind Distortion

Ok, today was busy and I didn't get out of the office for very long, so forgive me a little for this but I think it looks kind of neat: Day 10-Blind Distortion

Now, what the heck is it and what motivated me to do this? Well, like I said I was in the office most of the day so I didn't have any real time to go out looking for something creative to shoot. So, I made the best with what I had to work with, which wasn't much. The image above is the result of playing around with a very ordinary snapshot out of my office window and distorting it in my RAW conversion software, DxO Optics pro. Here's what the original image was:

I just used the perspective distortion tool to twist and lengthen the image, which made an interesting abstract of the original photograph. If you look closely at the lower right of my distorted image you'll see some of the cars that are in the lower right of the original image. I came up with the "creative" name of "Blind Distortion" because I distorted a picture of some blinds. I like how the trees got stretched out, almost creating an impressionist type background. See, I told you Iwas stretching things a bit with this image :-)

Happy Shooting!