My First Digital Photographs

Here's a blast from the past: I was going through my photography archives recently and came across something that really caught my attention. I hadn't looked in that particular folder on my hard drive in quite a while but when I did it immediately brought back a lot of memories. What that folder held was the absolute very 1st digital photographs I had ever taken. Within a few seconds I was able to recall all the research I did before purchasing the camera that took the picture. I also remember the excitement I felt when the camera arrived...

Welcome To The Future

It was a fairly warm Spring day in the suburbs of Chicago, April 19, 2001 when UPS dropped off the box. Inside that box was an Olympus D-460 1.3megapixel digital camera. I had ordered it from Ubid, an early (but still kicking) competitor to eBay. They specialized in manufacturer closeouts so I had to watch the site for a while before the camera became available. I paid a grand total of $271.88 for the camera. I also spent $64.99 at Newegg for a (tiny by today's standards) 32mb smartmedia card and reader. For comparison, I can get a 32GB (1000x more capacity) for less than 1/4 the price today!!

As soon as I signed for the box I quickly opened it up, grabbed a couple of AA batteries, put the memory card in the camera and opened the lens cover. "Whew, it works.." I said to myself. I then pointed the camera at the first living thing I could find in the house and took this picture:

My 1st Digital Photograph

The (un)lucky first victim of my new digital camera was Oscar, one of our two cats. He was right at 2 years old in this picture. He moved a little right as I was taking the photo so it's a little blurry. As you can see, he didn't appreciate the flash :-) Oscar the cat is still with us (at nearly 17 years old!) so I guess I should give him some extra kitty treats today to thank them for helping me to remember how I got started in the world of digital photography way back then.

Next Victim Please

The second victim was Felix:

Felix Half Asleep On the Couch

Felix was a little more cooperative for his digital debut. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Felix in August of 2015 :-( so all the images we have of him are now that much more important.

I was in the commercial/industrial real estate business at that point in my life so the camera's main use was going to be taking pictures of the buildings I was listing or marketing. Well, it did get used for that but it also became the latest in a long line of "geek toys" (as my wife Pam likes to call all the technology stuff I've purchased over the years). I was having a ton of fun shooting pictures, transferring them to the computer and then instantly seeing the image. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the photos, especially on full automatic mode. The camera had a 3x optical zoom and a decent flash. It worked great for taking pictures of the buildings for my work as well as snapshots around the house or while out with friends.

So, it was these digital photographs that started me back down the photography path. It took me almost 10 years after this picture was taken to really appreciate and "re-remember" the enjoyment that I got out of using a camera. Since then I have completely re-embraced photography and use both digital and film cameras to capture and share the world around us.

What About You?

What was the first digital photograph you took and what camera did you use to take it with? Tell us all about it in the comments and include a link to the photo if you want. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them!

BTW, if you're interested, Amazon is still showing a few of the Olympus D-460's for sale. They're obviously way out of date compared to today's cameras but I may just pick one up to relive a little bit of my digital photography past!

Olympus D-460 1.3MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Optical Zoom.

Caturday: The Waiting or How To Feed Old Cats

Many of you may know that we are the proud servants :-) to two cats, Oscar and Felix. We got them from a pet rescue service way back in 1999 and they are still doing pretty good, even as they cruise past the 16 year old mark. Every once in a while I post images of one or the both of them (often on a Saturday) and today is one of those days. So here is my "Caturday" (there's a whole Community dedicated to posting images of Cats on Saturday over on Google+ as well as many other social sites) image for today. I call it "The Waiting":

The Waiting:

Now that Oscar and Felix are older they are starting to have some medical issues. Like many older cats, their thyroid goes out of whack, usually to the "hyper" side of things. Both Oscar and felix have "hyper-thyroid" and must take medication to keep it in check. The problem is that cats absolutely hate to be force-fed any kind of pill. So, we crush the pills up and mix it in with some tasty wet food so they never know what hit them :-)

The problem with this is now both Oscar and Felix have fixated on the whole meal preparation process and become very impatient/upset if they aren't fed on schedule. While it is a bit of a PITA it does make for some interesting photo opportunities as they fight over position to watch/supervise Pam prepare their food.

The Odd Couple

Ok, I know it's only day 40 of my 365 project, but you can never have too many cat photographs, right?: This image shows both of our cats, Oscar (on the right) and Felix (whom you met on day 12). As you can see they are hard at work doing absolutely nothing :-) Don't be fooled though, when they're not crashed on the couch they can cause quite a ruckus as they chase each other around the house. It's pretty funny to watch them stalk each other, and the occasional insect or moth that makes it inside.

We've had Oscar and Felix for just over 12 years (we got them from a rescue group when they were about 5 months old). It's been a lot of fun having them around and we hope they will live to a ripe old age.

Day 12-Felix The Cat

Here's a quick photograph of one of our two cats, Felix: Day 12-Felix The Cat

I caught Felix just before he went into his favorite box, which is an old soda case box. Felix, and his partner in crime Oscar, have been with us since 1999. We got them from a pet rescue group while we were living in Chicago. They're great cats and we've had a lot of fun with them. They'll be 13 years old this Spring and so far both of them are doing pretty good. I'm sure there will be a few more images of both of them over the rest of 2012.