Eat In Take Out

Today was a busy day. I got home from work a little late and then I had to get the grass cut because rain is likely this weekend. By the time I got done I was in no mood to make Dinner. So I did the next best thing, I called our favorite local Chinese restaurant to pick up some Mongolian Beef and Chicken with Broccoli to take home for Dinner. Their neon sign was glowing brightly in the window as I walked up to the door so I grabbed a quick shot for day 272 of my project 365.

Day 107-In The Zone

Here's how I felt last night: Tonight our team had a great 3 games in our Monday night bowling league. We were "in the Zone" both literally and figuratively. We were actually bowling inside the building with this colorful neon sign on it but we were also bowling very well. I figured a photo of the "Zone" part of Brunswick Zone was the perfect description of what I did tonight.

150 average here I come!

Las Vegas Neon Rainbow

Las Vegas is a very interesting town. The 24-hour entertainment offered by the casinos can cause you to lose track of time (and sometimes, your money :-) ). Pam and I have been to Vegas a number of times and really enjoy it as long as we don't spend more than a couple of days there.  More than that and we start to go into sensory overload. When we were there a few weeks ago while going back and forth between Death Valley and Zion I took some time to wander around Downtown with the camera. This was the 1st time I had taken "serious" photographs in Vegas so I was interested to see what I could come up with. This picture is a close-up of the rainbow neon sign at Fitzgerald's Hotel/Casino, a Downtown classic. For those of you who haven't been to Downtown Las Vegas, the Fitzgerald's sign on Fremont Street is a large rainbow ending in a pot of gold. The entire sign is very colorful but I decided to focus on just the rainbow part to see what I could do with it. The result is below:

Las Vegas Neon Rainbow

 What I liked about the image is the bright colors and repeating pattern. I tried to compose the picture in the camera, instead of cropping and I think I got it pretty good.

Vegas is a fun town for photographers. I shot quite a few images while in Vegas and I'll probably post some of them here over the coming weeks/months.

Have any of you taken some interesting photographs in Las Vegas? If so, feel free to post a link to them in the comments. I'd like to see them.

Happy shooting!