Project 365 Update-Grass, Bacon, Birthdays and Bowling

This update to my project 365 includes days 116 through 121 and features some grass, bacon, a special birthday and bowling. Enjoy!

Day 116-The Grass Is Always Greener

Once again my legendary green thumb (in my own mind) has been put to the test, and once again it has failed miserably.

I put some topsoil and grass seed on top of a drainage ditch that I dug last year with the intention of actually having grass germinate and grow. But, as you can see in this photo, nothing is growing. All there is after nearly 3 weeks of faithfully watering is a green mulch path in my lawn. None of the grass has germinated yet.

I'll keep watering but my hopes aren't very high at this point.

Day 117-Fern Macro


Day 118-Return To Sender

I purchase a lot of stuff online and Amazon is one of my favorites. A couple weeks ago I ordered a circular polarizer for my new Canon 15-85mm lens. I thought I ordered the right size but when it arrived it was too big. Fortunately, their return policy is straightforward and easy to use. So, back in the box it went to be returned to Amazon. I'll re-order the correct size later today.

Day 119-Happy Birthday Mr TDI

Today is the 1st "birthday" for our Jetta TDI Wagen. It's 1 year (and 8134 miles) to the day since we picked up the car from the dealer. I decided to celebrate by giving it what it needs the most, a belly full of new motor oil. I use Mobil 1 5w-30 ESP Full Synthetic oil and an OEM VW/Audi oil filter. All set for another year of driving!

Day 120-Bacon Wrapped Teenie Weenies

This was the final week of our bowling league. We always have a pot luck and for the 2nd year in a row we're going to bring our "world famous" bacon-wrapped teenie weenies. As you can see from the picture we lovingly wrap each little teenie weenie in it's own bacon blanket. To prepare them all we need to do is lay them out on a baking sheet, cover them with brown sugar and then bake for 30 minutes or so at 375. The result is some delicious bacon-wrapped goodness!

Don't you wish you were in our bowling league? :-)

Day 121-Bowling For Dollars

Tonight was the last night of or Fall/Spring bowling league. As you can see from the photo, our team, "Pins Beware", is in 2nd place. We managed to stay there tonight meaning we finished with our highest overall placing ever!

My goal was to get to a 150 average by the end of this league and I fell just short with a 148. That's up from the 143 I started with back in August of last year though, so I can't complain.

We get a 3 week "off season" before the Summer league starts up.