Project 365 Update Day 68 to Day 80

Yes, I'm still alive, just extremely busy. Between work, life and spending time demoing the new Adobe Lightroom 4 (which I'll post more about here very soon), I've been lax in posting to this blog. Well, time to catchup a bit. Here are the last 10 days or so of my project 365 images from newest to oldest. I should be back on track with more regular posting here very soon. Day 80-Backyard Azaleas in Bloom

Day 79-Snorting Pollen

Day 78-Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Day 77-Mourning Dove

Day 76-Spring Colors

Day 75-Time For A New Refrigerator?:

Day 74-Red Azalea Bloom:

Day 73-White Azalea Bloom:

Day 72-Avocado and Shadow:

Day 71-Is Lightroom 4 The Answer:

Day 70-Sushi Lunch:

Day 69-The Circle of Life:

Day 68-Ginger Snaps: