Telephone Pole Closeup

Here is an image from my Atlanta photowalk back in October. It's of a much used telephone pole that was near the Fox Theatre. I'm pretty sure all the staples are from people posting concert or event posters. I know, a telephone pole isn't exactly exciting but I really liked the look of this up close. I thought it would be one of those images that makes you scratch your head and say "what is that...?". If you didn't know this was a telephone pole, I think it would be pretty hard to figure out what it is. I'm also going to post this photo over on Google+ under one of the many "Daily Photography Themes" that have sprung up. The daily themes are a great way to inspire you to use your camera more, and in more interesting ways. This one will be part of the #Whatever Wednesday theme. It will be interesting to see if people can figure out what it is. If you aren't part of Google + I'd suggest you check it out, especially if you are into photography. Here's my page. If you setup a Google+ account please be sure to add me to your circles! :-)