Texas State Capitol In HDR

On our recent trip to Texas we spent an afternoon at the Texas State Capitol with our Nephews. The light wasn't great for "straight up" photography so I shot a lot of bracketed images and then ran through Google/Nik Software's excellent HDR Efex Pro software. I've been happy witht many of the results, including this one of the North side of the Capitol: A slightly over the top HDR image of the North end of the Texas State Capitol


As you can see the details are a bit exaggerated but I like the overall result. The HDR processing brought out a lot of the reflections in the capitol windows as well as in the skylight at the bottom of the frame. Underneath that skylight is a Texas Sized underground office building. I took some shots of the capitol building from below the skylight that I have yet to process so keep your fingers crossed that I have some keepers! :-) If you also notice, I got the Texas State Flag flapping nicely in the breeze. I didn't notice that until I got the images in Lightroom and started working on them.