Thank You Colby Brown And WACOM For My New Intuos Tablet

I'm A Winner!

Back in December I entered the BIG HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY over on Colby Brown's Blog. I've been an admirer of Colby's Landscape, Travel and Humanitarian photography ever since I got back into photography. He's done a great job of becoming an internationally recognized photographer and has done a lot to promote photography and educate others.

For the last few years he has run the Holiday Giveaway. I dutifully entered but didn't win anything....until this year! My name was picked on the final week and my prize was a WACOM Intuos tablet. It showed up via UPS this week and now I am the proud owner of an Intuos Creative Pen & Touch!

Now that I have the tablet I need to get it setup on my computer, play around with it and learn how best to integrate it into my regular computer usage and photo editing workflow. I think it will be a benefit to me but I'm interested in hearing about how all of you are using these tablets.

Feedback and help appreciated

Here's where I beg for your help :-) I'm interested in learning how you are using your tablet to enhance your photography, and any other stuff for that matter. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or suggestion

Once again, thanks so much to Colby Brown and WACOM for the fantastic prize! If any of you aren't familiar with Colby's site you need to check it out!