The First Daffodils Of Spring

I've been waiting a few days to take this Photograph: We've had a warmer Winter than normal here. That means the flowers will bloom a little earlier. The past week or so has really sparked some growth in the early rising plants in our yard. The Daffodils are usually the first to bloom, typically around the end of February. This year everything seems to be about 2-3 weeks early. Over the weekend I noticed these particular flowers were just about ready to bloom. This morning when I left for work they were almost open, but not quite. As I arrived home in the late afternoon I noticed they were blooming but starting to droop over in the fading daylight.

I grabbed my camera, crouched down real low in the pine straw, and snapped this photograph.

I guess Spring is on its way and with it all of the blooming flowers, trees and plants...and the pollen that goes with it.