The Marks Photography Spot Podcast Episode One Intro And 2014 Photography Resolutions

Welcome To The Podcast

Welcome to episode 1 of the Mark’s Photography Spot Podcast, a brand new feature here at Mark's Photography Spot! I'm exited to offer this new way to interact with all of you and I have a lot of ideas on how to make the podcast unique and worthwhile. I hope you will find the podcast an interesting and enjoyable addition to Mark's Photography Spot. Since this is the 1st episode of the podcast, I think it’s a good idea at this point  to spend some time giving those of you that may not be familiar with me a little of the back-story on myself as well as how this podcast came to be. After that I’ll go a little more into detail on how I envision this podcast “evolving” and then I’ll finish up with a short discussion on “Photographic Resolutions for 2014” and what I plan on doing for myself as well as giving you some ideas to help you plan for a successful and enjoyable “Picture-Perfect”2014

Who The Heck Is This Guy?

Well, I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer living in the Atlanta Georgia area. I spend Monday through Friday working in the financial services industry. My nights, weekends and other free time are divided up between spending time with my wife, Pam (also an aspiring photographer), and indulging my various hobbies, which in addition to photography currently include:

  1. keeping healthy and fit by running, cycling, rowing and walking

  2. cooking delicious BBQ on my prized Big Green Egg

  3. craft beer

  4. travel

  5. music

  6. reading-and drawing.

As you can see I like to keep myself busy. I've always been this way and I don’t expect anything will change in the future.

Where Did The Mark’s Photography Spot Podcast Come From?

I've been in and out of photography several times in my life:

  1. once as a teenager back in the late 1970’s

  2. another time as a young adult (the late 1980’s)

  3. and again as a 30-something (late 1990’s).

I re-discovered my interest in photography for the 4th time back in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. I think the difference between previous times and this is that I’m at a point in my life where I have some time to devote to the hobby as well as a small budget to help me pay for all of the photography related materials and accessories. There’s no doubt that photography can be an expensive hobby but I try to get the most out of my money whenever possible. I plan on sharing any and all tips I can come up with in this podcast to help you get the most out of your photography dollars. I have been interested in technology my entire life so taking up photography this time around meant I could tie it in with my interest in computers and all things internet. I really enjoy fiddling with and tweaking all of the various tools that we have available today like blogs, social media, post-processing software, etc. Just about as soon as I got back into photography I started my blog, Mark’s Photography Spot, as a way to share my experiences with photography. I try to post something a couple times a week and have mixed in some equipment reviews and basic tutorials in between sharing of my images. I enjoy keeping the blog updated but I feel like there is something missing from it. All of that led me to this point, where I wanted to add something “extra” to my sharing of my photography experiences. I knew that there was something else that I could offer to people that would get them excited about and feeling good about their photography. After some thought and research I came to the conclusion that adding a podcast to the mix was the logical next step. And that’s where we’re at right now.

My Photography Equipment

When I started back into photography full bore in June 2011 I purchased a mid-level DSLR, the Canon T3i with the kit 18-55 & 55-250 lenses. A month later I purchased a point-n-shoot camera, the Canon Powershot S95. I shot with those two cameras until the Fall of 2012 at which time I added a vintage film camera to the mix, a Rolleicord. Here’s my existing equipment list:

Cameras (links to amazon or Camerapedia)


  1. Canon T3i DSLR
  2. Canon Rebel Xsi (Pam's main camera)
  3. Canon Powershot S95
  4. Canon PowerShot S100
  5. Rolleicord Va
  6. Yashica Electro GSN
  7. Olympus OM-1
  8. Nikkormat FTn
  9. Nikomat FTn


  1. Canon EF-s 18-55mm f3.5-5.6
  2. Canon EF-s 55-250 f4-5.6
  3. Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6
  4. Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6(Pam uses this one primarily)
  5. Rokinon 8mm Fisheye

Post-Processing Equipment

  1. Assorted B&W film home developing equipment
  2. Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII
  3. PC running Windows 7 with Lightroom, Photoshop elements,the Google Nik Collection & Corel Paintshop Pro

What I like To Photograph

  1. Landscapes/nature
  2. Urban/Architecture
  3. Cars
  4. Street
  5. Color images primarily but B&W film is a close second

How I See The Mark’s Photography Spot Podcast Growing And Evolving

Now that I've decided to start the podcast I had to think a little bit about what I wanted to accomplish with the podcast and how I saw things evolving over time

I’m 100% sure that the podcast will evolve over time but I want to try and set the course of the podcast so it’s at least headed in the right direction starting out. One thing I know is that I want the podcast to be driven by you, the listener/viewer. Feedback and input by all of you will be an important part of the process. I want to make it easy for you to get in touch with me to leave your feedback, ideas and suggestions. I've set up a couple of ways for you to voice your opinion and feedback. You can email me at with your ideas, etc. I also have added a voice-mail contact to the blog so you can leave me a message if you wish. I may also add a call-in voicemail as well and will let you know when/if I do.

Here’s how I see the Mark’s Photography Spot podcast moving forward (with your input and feedback):

  1. I want to start out with at least bi-weekly podcasts. Depending on time/feedback I may move to a weekly podcast. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

  2. The main material of the podcast will center around digital & film photography but I will do occasional non-photography subjects that are applicable to the general enjoyment of life and could be used to help you enjoy photography more.

  3. I’ll do a mix of digital and film-focused material, equipment reviews, tips and commentary and will try and keep a variety of subjects from show to show.

  4. One of the things I’d like to do is photographer interviews, perhaps 1-time/month. I think this will be a great way to learn from & be inspired by fellow photographers. The photographers can be a mix of amateur and pro, from all styles and disciplines. I have a few in mind right now but if any of you have suggestions I’m all ears. They could be someone you know locally or someone you've always wanted to hear. I’m not afraid to approach anyone and ask for an interview so please use the feedback tools I have to let me know who you would like to hear.

Photographic Resolutions For 2014

Ok, enough with the introductions and background,time to discuss the “content” of this episode and that is “What photography related resolutions are we making for 2014?”

Each year at this time many of us create a list of resolutions, things we want to improve or change in the coming year. In addition to the usual "Lose weight", "exercise more", "save more money", "get a new job", etc. we should be adding photography related resolutions as well. Coming up with resolutions is a good way to make positive changes. But, if you don't do some key things, your photography resolutions will whither away like many of the other resolutions we make. I want to give you some tips on how to make your resolutions "stick". These are things that I have used in the past to help me achieve many goals, from my full-time career to my part-time hobbies. Maybe these tips can help you as well.

  1. Take time to review what you want to improve/learn. Push your boundaries and stretch your comfort zone a bit.

    1. Write it down

    2. Set a time/money budget

    3. Plan out how you want to achieve the goal
  2. Take action-Be prepared to adjust course and keep moving forward

As for me, here are some things I plan on accomplishing in 2014:

  1. Expand my knowledge of film photography.
  2. Purchase additional, more modern, medium format film camera
  3. Improve my “photographic vision” through some type of mentoring. The Arcanum is something I came across by following Trey Ratcliff. It is a new initiative by Trey to employ a "master/apprentice" model to the creative pursuits. I signed up to participate in the program and hope to be accepted sometime in January. I'll update you on the status/progress of the Arcanum and how it works.
  4. Find more time to shoot. I've been very busy this year (2013) with work s finding extra time to shoot has been a challenge. I hope to change that in 2014.

That's about it for my 2014 resolutions. I will keep you updated on my progress and I'd love to hear from you on your 2014 resolutions. Thanks for listening/reading the first episode of the Mark's Photography Spot podcast. Please let me know of any suggestions you have.

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