Three Geese, Log, Lake

I don't know about you but I have a lot of images in my Lightroom catalog that are in some state of post-processing but haven't been quite finished. So I've been revisiting those images that I haven't completely finished processing. Here's an image I made with my Rolleicord last Fall of three Geese on a log in the lake at Stone Mountain Park, just outside of Atlanta: Three Geese On A Log

Information and Inspiration

This image was made on November 2nd, 2013. I met up with a couple of buddies at Stone Mountain to shoot some of the Fall color. I brought my Rolleicord loaded with Acros 100 B&W film in addition to my T3i DSLR and Powershot S100. I figured there would be some nice opportunities to get some shots of reflections and whatnot in the lake.

As we walked around a small section of the lake we came upon these three Canada Geese. They were lined up on a small tree that had fallen into the lake and there were some nice reflections of them on the water. The Sun was also coming up over the tree line to the left and lighting up the trees on the far shore. My "black & white brain" clicked and I decided to capture this on the Rolleicord instead of the DSLR. Remembering the rule of 1/3rds and the tip that three is a good number of subjects in the frame I positioned myself as best as possible to get the Geese in the lower third of the image (both from top to bottom and from left to right). Having the log as a reference point helped me align things in the frame.

When I got the film developed, scanned and imported into Lightroom I had to do a little cropping to remove a stray plant that was in the lower right of the frame. I also had to straighten the image a bit as well as clone out a number of "dust bunnies" that had attached themselves to the negative.