Tornado Warning

Day 62 of my project 365 found us sitting in the basement for a while in the evening because of this: That's right, if you look at the bottom of the TV screen in the image you'll see the words "Tornado Warning". We had some big storms roll through Georgia in the first major outbreak of Springtime severe weather.  That big red/pink blob you see in the lower-left of the image is the tornado and it passed just a few miles North of us.

They call this area "Dixie Alley" because of all the tornadoes that get created this time of year in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, & Tennessee. They are a result of the warm Gulf of mexico air colliding with the colder air from the North and West. The "season" runs from March through May most years.

Hopefully this is the last tornado warning we'll have this year but if not, we just put new batteries in our weather radio!