Four Wheeled Friday: Vintage Mercedes Benz Hood Ornament

  I love old cars, especially well-kept vintage cars. Here's an image of a vintage Mercedes Benz (1930's but don't know the exact model) with the emphasis entirely on the hood ornament, the iconic three star emblem:

The Iconic Three Pointed Star Hood Ornament On A Vintage Mercedes Benz

I made this photo at the June edition of the Caffeine and Octane Car Show, which is held the first Sunday of every month in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta. There's always a pretty good selection of cars to choose from. Everything from vintage sedans and roadsters, muscle cars to the latest exotics can be found most months. Many of the car photographs you will see here will probably come from this show.

I captured this with my Canon T3i and the 15-85 lens set at 55mm. I tried to frame the shot in such a way that I got the reflections square in the frame. I also wanted a decent amount of blur in the background but not so much that the cockpit of the car was totally obscured. I submitted this (as I do a lot of my car photos) for the "Four Wheel Friday" theme on Google + Every week there are a lot of interesting transportation photos posted as part of the theme. Check it out if you want!