Whats The Weather Forecast

Both Pam and I are what you could call 'weather geeks": We both love to track the weather and see what has happened over time as far as precipitation, temperature, etc. is concerned and the weather Channel is on our favorite channel list. We've had this Davis Vantage Pro weather station for over 5 years and lately it's been giving sporadic readings. As you can see, it's a little beat-up and faded. I went through the task of replacing the base station a month or two ago and that helped for a while. Now the outdoor sensing station is acting up and not transmitting. My guess is that something is wrong with the transmitter portion of the unit. I'll be contacting the manufacturer for some guidance but I bet we'll have to replace the unit. Fortunately Davis (the maker of the unit) is a very customer service oriented company so my hope is that we can exchange this one for a new one at something close to cost.