Wolf Creek Pass Kenworth

I'm starting to work through all the images we took on our trip last week. While I spend a lot of time working on some of the images there are a few that we took that don't require much work at all. The following image is one of those and is my Project 365 image for September 5th: As we were driving to Farmington, New Mexico from Alamosa we drove over the famous, and sometimes dangerous, Wolf Creek Pass. We've gone over the pass in all kinds of weather over the last 25 years. Everything from rain, to sunshine, to a blinding blizzard. Thankfully, the weather this time was perfect! :-) Pam and I were taking our time and enjoying the view as we drove. When we got to the top of the pass we took a break to get out of the car and look around, like we always do.

This hard working, bug-splattered, Kenworth was taking a break after climbing up the West side of the pass(the steeper of the two sides), which summits at 10.857 feet. When I saw this truck I immediately thought of a song from C.W. McCall called "Wolf Creek Pass". I can safely say that C. W. McCall would be right at home with this Image!